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Our Business Ethics

Tickhill Trade Cars
Buying a car can quite often be a daunting prospect, over the years the industry has fallen ill to negative stereotypes and whilst in some cases this can be justified the nock on effect has had a dramatic impact on buyer confidence. Its for this reason when TT Cars was formed so was a set of principles and ethics:-


Possibly one of the most difficult stereotypes to break. Salesmen are often well known for there cheesy lines, false claims and occasionally twisting the truth and unfortunately is a well deserved title. This usually boils down to company’s using a commission structure rewarding there staff financially apon closing a sale. This often leads to the poor practices well documented. combined with cooperate pressure to hit minimum targets!

So how do we tackle this issue!?!

To Start none of the staff at TT Cars are on a commission structure we believe  its counter productive and leads to poor practices.

Every member of our staff has a mechanical background and will gladly give unbiased  professional  advise on any of our vehicles.

Sales Targets we don’t use them and our staff are not given them. Now yes for a business to survive figures have to be reached basic common sense would dictate this but Good ethics and practices combined with natural growth will ensure this. Dictating to our staff minimum sales figures will only force them to potentially use underhand selling techniques or selling finance to people with extremely poor credit rating at eye watering APR% Something we are strongly against.


Now this is a huge one almost like a dirty secret amongst the sales industry and is most common in smaller establishments. The law dictates 6 Months so you get 6 Months simple as! Most company’s will give 3 months standard with there chosen warranty provider ( our currently being the AA) and then attempt to sell you the further 3 months or Once your 3 Months runs out leave you to foot the bill. Not only is this poor practice but its deliberately misleading customers on there consumer rights! We give 6 months as standard no if no buts no hassle. obviously if you do 200k miles in 5 months were not going to be responsible for new tyres but you get the idea.


TT Cars is proudly signed up to the AA Dealer Promise! so what dose this mean for you the consumer? Firstly it means that we have agreed to meet a minimum commitment to the standard of any car sold the AA will also act as in as a free mediator between you the consumer and us should any complaints arise and hold us accountable in line with your rights. It should never come to this but its there to protect you and hold us accountable for our actions. We would always encourage any issues to be brought directly to our attention so we can resolve them with haste and as little inconvenience as possible to yourself. We will always work directly with you to make Shure your happy in your new car.

The dealer promise states a minimum of :-

Provide a minimum of 6 months MOT on all vehicles ( We provide 12 months as standard )

Offer a road test to ensure the vehicle meets your requirements

Hand over all essential documents including V5 registration document, MOT certificate and any available service records

Provide a free history check on every vehicle

Welcome any vehicle inspection by us or any other independent third party, prior to purchase

Professionally prepare and hand over the vehicle in a good condition

Be audited by us once a year to ensure compliance with Dealer Promise

Enable you to escalate issues to us and we will mediate between you and the Dealer

  • The Dealer will honour their obligations under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to protect your purchase
  • All vehicles advertised on our website come with 12 months free breakdown cover, make sure you get covered

As a closing statement id strongly recommend anyone purchasing a car to take the time to learn there consumer rights its there to protect you and give you confidence when buying your next car. Also be open about challenging car dealers on your rights and ask them if there compliant but how much there aware off. chance are if they try to avoid the subject or are misleading in any way there best avoided!